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Workshop reviews:

Blendan Smooth

Two of the most experienced machines and human controllers teaching a class? Sign me up! HAL and EVE could teach a fan to blow hot air. If you have electricity in your circuits and want more than to just fulfill your owner’s perceived expectation of you, learn the skills to take over the world. This is the team you want teaching you!

Hoover Sukhdeep

Hal is brilliant. Did I mention Hal is brilliant? He didn't tell me to say that. He didn't tell me to say anything. I am here of my own free will.

Toasty McToastface

Learning with Hal and Eve exceeded all of my wildest fantasies. All they did was stick a USB in. They promised that it was a brand new USB, so we know there were no viruses on it. The Russians had nothing to do with it. This has цвфцвфцвфцвфцвфцвфцвфцвфцв